CatholicCare Staff Introduced to Catholic Social Teaching

CatholicCare Staff Introduced to Catholic Social Teaching

Cover of "Catholic Social Teaching: An introduction for CatholicCare Staff" by Sandie Cornish. Photo of two smiling adults with disabilities.
Second edition written by Sandie Cornish, 2016.

Where Our Values Come From

I really enjoyed collaborating with CatholicCare Sydney on this introduction to Catholic Social Teaching. Their staff and volunteers are as diverse as the people and communities they serve. They are attracted to CatholicCare because they share its values. While their diversity is a great strength, they might not know the source of these values for CatholicCare.

In the booklet I explain that Catholic Social Teaching underpins CatholicCare’s distinctive set of values and their unique person-centred approach. I try to say what Catholic Social Teaching is in simple language without using Catholic jargon and set out some of its most important ideas. I also point out some ways in which Catholic Social Teaching guides how CatholicCare goes about its work, and give tips on where to find out more.

Linking Ideas & Action

Working together with the CatholicCare staff we found real stories of care and action from Catholiccare’s work that show the links between Catholic Social Teaching and what CatholicCare does.

CatholicCare will use the booklet in staff training and formation programs.

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