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Competitive Culture

In what ways might a culture encourage us to feel that the successes of others somehow deprive us of good things? Are we caught up in a zero sum attitude of winning or losing? Do we define ourselves as winners or losers?

Touching Poverty

Are we afraid to touch and be touched by the poverty of others? How might we do more than giving from a distance?

Costly Love

What might real love cost us? How might our Lenten penances help us to feel the pain of the poor and marginalized? Does the transformation of unjust structures require me to let go of a place of privilege?

Hunger & the Earth’s Resources

The World Day of Peace Message for 2014 reminds us that we are sisters and brothers. How might we use the earth’s resources differently so that our sisters and brothers do not go hungry?

Scandal of Hunger

Are we scandalised by hunger, or do we take it for granted? What are some of the ways in which we can respond? Learn more about One Human Family, Food for All.