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Church without Frontiers

When allowing or not allowing people to cross the frontiers into our countries, or to enter our cultures, communities, or personal lives, do we effectively judge some people to be useless, out of place or disposable? People are not things to be used. Everyone has a place in the human… Read More »Church without Frontiers

Pray for Refugees

Will you join Pope Francis in praying for refugees during August? In many parts of the world people are being displaced by violence and are in need of welcome and protection. Who would you like visitors to this site to pray for today?

EOFY Reflections

Sandie Cornish reflects on the end of the financial year for the CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter.

It must be June – my mailbox is full of EOFY sale brochures and my inbox is full of begging letters from charities. The looming end of financial year prompts businesses to do their stocktake and it can also be a time for the rest of us to take stock of how we have allocated our resources. How much have we been able to give? Who and what did we give to, and how did we decide? What more can we do before the end of the financial year?Read More »EOFY Reflections

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