CatholicCare Staff Introduced to Catholic Social Teaching

Second edition written by Sandie Cornish, 2016. Where Our Values Come From I really enjoyed collaborating with CatholicCare Sydney on this introduction to Catholic Social Teaching. Their staff and volunteers are as diverse as the people and communities they serve. They are attracted to CatholicCare because they share its values. While their diversity is a […]

Advent Prayer

Advent Prayer 2014 We have entered the waiting time. Creation is pregnant with the Kingdom. Like a child in the womb it is alive and growing but not yet born. It is already and not yet. Help us Jesus to bring your Kingdom to birth on earth as it is in heaven. Sandie Cornish Reflection […]

Cultivating a Culture of Peace

The United Nations has designated 21 September the International Day of Peace. In this CatholicCare reflection I look at ways in which we can cultivate a culture of peace. How can We Cultivate a Culture of Peace? Sometimes it seems that the whole world has gone crazy: passenger planes shot out of the sky; schools […]

The Holy Family in Exile – Icon of Refugees

This is a reflection that I wrote for the Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office’s kit for Migrant & Refugee Sunday. You can download the whole kit here. The Holy Family in Exile If you were asked to paint an icon of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, how would you depict them in a symbol […]