Loving, Liberating and Truthful Language

In this reflection for the CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter for October 2015, Sandie Cornish considers the importance of the language that we use to speak about people and policy matters. We need to take Pope Francis’ lead and choose language that is loving, liberating and truthful. How we speak about people, events and situations is […]

A Minimalist Approach to People?

In this reflection for the April 2015 CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter, Sandie Cornish ponders the effect of William Morris’ criteria for retaining household objects. William Morris & a Minimalist Approach to People “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” This quote from William Morris, […]

Person Centred Approaches Promote Respect

Here’s my June reflection for CatholicCare Sydney. CatholicCare’s Person-Centred Approach is about keeping a focus on the dignity of the person at the heart of things. It sounds very straight-forward and obvious, but in fact it calls us to act in ways that are deeply counter-cultural. It calls us to act to change the culture […]