Love Promotes Equality

Out of love, God broke into human history as a human being – what walls and distances are love calling you, and your community to break down? What Lenten practices might help us to build up equality and love and to eliminate distances between people and between groups in society?

Call to Conversion

Lent is a time to focus on our own conversion. Pope Francis identifies power, luxury and money as common idols in our day. Are they idols in my life? Do I give higher priority to my own comfort than to others’ needs and a fair distribution of wealth? Elsewhere, Pope Francis has said that true […]

Lenten Solidarity

In this reflection for CatholicCare Sydney Sandie Cornish reflects on how traditional Catholic Lenten practices are good for us and for our world. Prayer, penance and charity are the three things that Catholics do in Lent, and they are linked. Lent starts on 5 March, so it’s timely to consider why these practices are good […]

Costly Love

What might real love cost us? How might our Lenten penances help us to feel the pain of the poor and marginalized? Does the transformation of unjust structures require me to let go of a place of privilege?