Love & Service

There is a world of difference between being drawn by love to serve others and promote the common good, and being driven by other forces, such as anger. What are the interior movements associated with my social action? It is possible to ‘keep all the rules’ and look like we are on track while something […]

Two Forms of Examen

The examen or examination of consciousness is a fundamental practice of the Ignatian spirituality tradition. I developed this resource, An Examination of Consciousness for the Faith into Action workshop organised by the Wollongong Diocese. It combines prayer at the conclusion of the workshop with an opportunity for reflection and feedback to organizers. The images were […]

Pope Francis & Ignatian Spirituality

Pope Francis’ words and actions have inspired people to want to know more about his spirituality. As a Jesuit, Pope Francis is guided by Ignatian spirituality. This presentation on Pope Francis & Ignatian Spirituality introduces some of the main elements of Ignatian spirituality and its approach to things using two ‘keys’ – the characteristics of […]