Rise Above Slavery this Easter

Looking for ethically and sustainably produced Easter eggs or chocolate bilbys (a bilby is a native Australian creature)? Haigh have just achieved UTZ certification making their Easter range slavery free. A list of other slavery free Easter products available in Australia is here. Find out more from ACRATH.

Trafficking & Our Common Humanity

Trafficking in persons attacks our belief in a dignity that arises from the fact of being human and is shared in common by all people. Do we experience the trafficking of others as an assault on all of us? Are our consciences affronted or do we remain indifferent? Here are some things we can do […]

Action Against Trafficking in Persons

Trafficking in persons is an affront to the dignity of all people. Here are some simple things that we can do about it: – buy fair trade products. Organisations like Fair Trade Australia New Zealand can help you locate sellers of fair trade products near you. – support action against trafficking taken by religious institutes […]