Advent Week 1 – A Call to Hope

Advent is the time when we wait in joyful hope for the Christ child to be born. It is not just a time of waiting about for something to happen – it is meant to be a time of preparation. Yet I don’t think I’m the only one who often feels distinctly unprepared at this […]

Hope in Naples

Pope Francis urged the people of Naples not to lose hope or to allow their hope to be stolen from them. In the face of corruption and organised crime, he saw hope as a way of resisting evil. When we gaze upon the world through God’s eyes, with God’s heart, we see goodness and potential, […]

Waiting in Joyful Hope

The calendar year is drawing to a close. In work and study many of us are bringing things to completion and preparing for holidays. It is a time of wrapping up and assessing. This can feel a bit at odds with the new liturgical year just begun. Endings and beginnings, faith and everyday life, may […]