Holy Week call to Step Outside Ourselves

“Holy Week challenges us to step outside ourselves so as to attend to the needs of others: those who long for a sympathetic ear, those in need of comfort or help. We should not simply remain in our own secure world, that of the 99 sheep who never strayed from the fold, but we...

Easter – He is Risen!

Where do we see Jesus alive and actively labouring for us in the world? How can we join him there? Do we recognise him in the sharing of that which sustains life and love and relationship?

Good Friday

Where do we see Jesus crucified today? Do we see Jesus in the crucified peoples of our day? What have we done for them? What are we doing about their plight? What must we do?

Holy Thursday

How can we wash the feet of those who have no feet? This statue is at the Jesuit Refugee Service reflection centre in Siem Reip in Cambodia. Many Cambodians lost limbs to land mines during the war, and unexploded cluster bombs are still harming ordinary people. If we wish to wash the feet of...