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Rise Above Slavery this Easter

Looking for ethically and sustainably produced Easter eggs or chocolate bilbys (a bilby is a native Australian creature)? Haigh have just achieved UTZ certification making their Easter range slavery free. A list of other slavery free Easter products available in Australia is here. Find out more from ACRATH.

fair trade Easter egg poster

Almost Time for Easter Eggs!

Here’s a reflection that I wrote for CatholicCare Sydney‘s staff newsletter. I get a bit grumpy about Easter eggs appearing in the shops straight after Christmas. That’s how the retail cycle works, but the Christian calendar doesn’t jump straight from the joy of the birth of the Jesus to the… Read More »Almost Time for Easter Eggs!

Valentine’s Day Action

How can we embed love in the structures and institutions of our societies this Valentine’s Day? Here are five small ideas. 1. Put your money where your mouth is – if you buy chocolates for someone special, choose organic and fair trade. 2. Enlarge the space of your tent –… Read More »Valentine’s Day Action

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