Mary’s Contemplative Leadership

Have you ever heard of Mater Admirabilis? Her feast day is on 20 October. I got to know this well-loved image of Mary when I worked with the Religious of the Sacred Heart. If you visit a Sacred Heart school, you will surely find a version of this image somewhere on campus. If not, just […]

Contemplating Our World – Corpus Christi

This PowerPoint on Contemplating Our World is an aid to contemplating God’s presence and action in our world, especially on the feast of Corpus Christi. You might like to accompany it with some quiet music and move at your own pace through the points for reflection: * Where do we see Jesus crucified today? * […]

Contemplation Today

This insightful essay by Evan Ellis reflects on the nature of listening and contemplation. Many of you may be familiar with Benedictine spirituality and its tradition of contemplation, but how about the concept of dadirri in the spirituality of the Aboriginal people of Daly River in Australia? Let us reclaim silence, listening, and contemplation in […]