Advent Week 1 – A Call to Hope

Advent is the time when we wait in joyful hope for the Christ child to be born. It is not just a time of waiting about for something to happen – it is meant to be a time of preparation. Yet I don’t think I’m the only one who often feels distinctly unprepared at this […]

Love is Born – Merry Christmas!

In this Christmas reflection for the CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter Sandie Cornish acknowledges the stresses and strains we experience at Christmas, and the way in which love is born in ordinary acts of kindness. It seems that every year I arrive on the brink of Advent – the season of preparation for Christmas – feeling […]

Advent Prayer

Advent Prayer 2014 We have entered the waiting time. Creation is pregnant with the Kingdom. Like a child in the womb it is alive and growing but not yet born. It is already and not yet. Help us Jesus to bring your Kingdom to birth on earth as it is in heaven. Sandie Cornish Reflection […]

Waiting in Joyful Hope

The calendar year is drawing to a close. In work and study many of us are bringing things to completion and preparing for holidays. It is a time of wrapping up and assessing. This can feel a bit at odds with the new liturgical year just begun. Endings and beginnings, faith and everyday life, may […]