Silence & World Communications Day

In his World Communications Day Message for 2012 Pope Benedict XVI stressed the importance of silence:

“When messages and information are plentiful, silence becomes essential if we are to distinguish what is important from what is insignificant or secondary. Deeper reflection helps us to discover the links between events that at first sight seem unconnected, to make evaluations, to analyze messages; this makes it possible to share thoughtful and relevant opinions, giving rise to an authentic body of shared knowledge. For this to happen, it is necessary to develop an appropriate environment, a kind of ‘eco-system’ that maintains a just equilibrium between silence, words, images and sounds.”

For Reflection

  • How can we nurture spaces of silence and contemplation as part of our way of communicating with others, and with God?
  • Which environments best help you to keep a balance between silence, words, images and sounds?
  • What practices help you to be thoughtful?

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