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Spirit of Pentecost

Do you think of Pentecost as an event or a process?

I don’t think Pentecost finished yesterday. As I watched this presentation on Pentecost from Loyola Press, it struck me that God’s Spirit continues to speak to each of us in our own languages through the people and events that touch our lives. Sometimes God speaks to us through messengers with whom we do not share a language – the asylum seeker whose words we cannot understand yet their heart speaks to our hearts – the atheist whose experience of transcendence is expressed in a whole different language to that of our faith but whose loving action speaks to us of our experience.

Perhaps hearing the announcement of the Gospel in our own language doesn’t mean English or Tagalog or Thai – perhaps it means that God deals with each of us personally, communicating with each one in a way that we hear and understand. There may be identifable ‘Pentecost events’ in our lives, but it is also an on-going process.

If we allow ourselves to be filled with the Spirit, to hear God speaking to us, we too may dream dreams and prophesai. We too may actively participate in renewing the face of the earth by fostering right relationships between people and group, with God, and with the cosmos.

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