Church Organizations are Not Just NGOs

In this reflection for CatholicCare Sydney, I look at how the mission of a Catholic organization makes it more than just another NGO. Pope Francis has said that the Church is not an NGO. In fact he has said it more than once. Why is he saying this? Is there something wrong with being an […]

Person Centred Approaches Promote Respect

Here’s my June reflection for CatholicCare Sydney. CatholicCare’s Person-Centred Approach is about keeping a focus on the dignity of the person at the heart of things. It sounds very straight-forward and obvious, but in fact it calls us to act in ways that are deeply counter-cultural. It calls us to act to change the culture […]

Tools for Theological Reflection

Everyone is capable of doing theology! Reflecting theologically on issues and situations is an important part of our planning for a Christian action response. This resource, Tools for Theological Reflection offers some simple tools for theological reflection that don’t require any specialized knowledge – they are intended to assist parish, school or social justice groups.

Pope Francis & Ignatian Spirituality

Pope Francis’ words and actions have inspired people to want to know more about his spirituality. As a Jesuit, Pope Francis is guided by Ignatian spirituality. This presentation on Pope Francis & Ignatian Spirituality introduces some of the main elements of Ignatian spirituality and its approach to things using two ‘keys’ – the characteristics of […]