Fighting Violence with Nonviolence

Scilla Elworthy of the Oxford research Group speaks about ways of responding to violence without using violence. One of the foundations of her approach is building inner strength through self-awareness. Scilla Elworthy TED Talk

What are You Passionate About?

This video from the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the USA and Mexico encourages us to reflect on what we are passionate about. What keeps you fired up to work for justice and peace? An excellent resource for prayer or as a discussion starter.

First Ever Day of the Girl!

Following an extensive campaign by non-governmental organizations, the United Nations has declared 11 October the Day of the Girl Child. You can read the official proclamation from the United Nations here Find out about the virtual summit held to celebrate the first Day of the Girl here. The website also shares videos, photos and...

Contemplation Today

This insightful essay by Evan Ellis reflects on the nature of listening and contemplation. Many of you may be familiar with Benedictine spirituality and its tradition of contemplation, but how about the concept of dadirri in the spirituality of the Aboriginal people of Daly River in Australia? Let us reclaim silence, listening, and contemplation...