Mothers’ Day for Peace

Sandie Cornish believes that the world is aching for an older, less commercial Mothers’ Day tradition. In this podcast she reflects on the Mothers’ Day for Peace initiated by Julia Ward Howe in 1873. Listen to the podcast on Sound Cloud.

Easter Outfits: Slow Fashion & Solidarity

In this reflection for CatholicCare Sydney, Sandie Cornish reflects on slow fashion and solidarity with the poor and the earth. For more on ethical clothing labelling, visit Ethical Clothing Australia. New ethical brands are emerging all the time, so check their accredited brands list from time to time.

The Two Standards at Manly Beach?

Just before 3 pm there were lights and sirens and a cavalcade speeding through the streets. Thousands of people had gathered at Manly Beach to see the Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge – and a few Christians were trying to make their way to Good Friday liturgies. While we commemorated the crucifixion, helicopters and sirens […]

Being the Body of Christ

Does this extract from Adrian Lyon’s homily for the Feast of Corpus Christi remind you of meals with someone in your life? Some people seem to have a great talent for hosting dinner parties and making community. Every meal with Adrian was a special event, even if it was just soup and salad in the […]

Knights of the Shabby Coat of Humility?

Feelings about Prime Minister Abbott’s decision to bring back the British Honours system’s Knights and Dames in Australia have been mixed. It would have been very interesting if he had consulted the community about who and what we should honour, and what titles would be most appropriate. We are sometimes wary of honours, and of […]