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A Minimalist Approach to People?

In this reflection for the April 2015 CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter, Sandie Cornish ponders the effect of William Morris’ criteria for retaining household objects. William Morris & a Minimalist Approach to People “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”… Read More »A Minimalist Approach to People?

Faith Deepens Engagement

Is your faith other worldly? Does it draw you away from or more deeply into engagement with the world? Pope Francis was speaking to families during his visit to Manila. How might faith encourage depth in your family life, work, and action for a more just society? Do you consider… Read More »Faith Deepens Engagement

Love is Born – Merry Christmas!

Jacaranda tree in bloom. The first Advent wreath candle is purple and represents hope.In this Christmas reflection for the CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter Sandie Cornish acknowledges the stresses and strains we experience at Christmas, and the way in which love is born in ordinary acts of kindness.

It seems that every year I arrive on the brink of Advent – the season of preparation for Christmas – feeling tired and anxious about the many things to be done before Christmas. Every year I promise myself that next year I will be more prepared and able to enter more calmly into the spirit of this season of waiting and pondering.Read More »Love is Born – Merry Christmas!

Waiting in Joyful Hope

The calendar year is drawing to a close. In work and study many of us are bringing things to completion and preparing for holidays. It is a time of wrapping up and assessing. This can feel a bit at odds with the new liturgical year just begun. Endings and beginnings,… Read More »Waiting in Joyful Hope

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