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Mary’s Contemplative Leadership

Have you ever heard of Mater Admirabilis? Her feast day is on 20 October.

I got to know this well-loved image of Mary when I worked with the Religious of the Sacred Heart. If you visit a Sacred Heart school, you will surely find a version of this image somewhere on campus. If not, just ask “where’s Mater?”

You can read the story of how this image came into being, and how she got her name here.

Mater Admirabilis speaks to me of Mary’s contemplative leadership, of her attentive listening and active response to God’s call, as I explain here. She seems an appropriate patron for the listening stage of the preparation for the Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in Australia in 2020.

Mother Mary, Most Admirable of Disciples,

help us to listen attentively to God’s deep desires for us

and to respond whole-heartedly!


Sandie Cornish

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