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Holy Week – It’s Not Over Yet

Image of a crown of thorns. Text reads Holy Week.

Guest post by Esmey Herscovitch RSCJ for Holy Week.

There is a little book by Brendan Lovett entitled It’s Not Over Yet … Christological Reflections on Holy Week.

At this time of Holy Week we are aware of the experiences of Jesus some two thousand years ago – experiences of fickleness, infidelity, ridicule, mockery, humiliation, betrayal, violence, physical and mental anguish and pain.

In St Mark’s Gospel the graphic words in chapter 14 verse 33: “And a sudden fear came over him, and great distress… and he said to them ‘my soul is sorrowful to the point of death'” capture those experiences in some way, but as we look at what is happening to the Rohingya people, the peoples of Congo, Yemen, Syria and so many other places as well as to the physical world we can get an inkling of what Jesus also experienced.

We reflect that what is done to the least of people is done to Jesus so Jesus continues his passion in our world today – certainly “it’s not over yet”.

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