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Worker Justice Focus for May

photo of worker bees by Todd Hufman

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC) has a tradition of focusing on worker justice issues during the month of May and their Chair usually issues a Pastoral Statement for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker. They explain that:

“This year, the day usually given to the Memorial of St Joseph the Worker, 1 May, falls on the 6th Sunday of Easter, which takes precedence over the memorial according to the norms of the General Instruction on the Roman Missal and the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and Calendar. So, while there is no Pastoral Letter for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker, we continue the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council’s tradition of raising important issues concerning work and economic justice during the month of May.”

Three Worker Justice Issues

Instead, for 2016, the ACSJC has offered reflections on three issues:
1. The inadequate levels of income support offered to people who are unemployed;
2. The risk that penalty rates will be cut for vulnerable workers; and
3. The increasing intrusion of work demands into family time and weekends.

You can access the full text here.

These issues have been raised by the ACSJC and other Church and community organisations over many years. The ACSJC continues to call on Australia’s political leaders to address these areas where the dignity of work continues to be devalued or denied to vulnerable members of our society.

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