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Advent Week Four – Instruments of God’s Love

Advent wreath week four - three purple candles and rose coloured candle are lit.

In Advent week four we light the third of the purple candles in the advent wreath. It represents love.

Love is, actually, all around us. It is not always as obvious as a romantic comedy. It is rarely as sentimental as a Christmas movie. Love can be demanding, and frightening and exhausting – like welcoming and caring for a new born child.

No matter how cold and loveless our world may seem, if we look closely, we will see God at work as love loving. If we open our hearts, we can be instruments through which God loves.

The song Open My Heart, written and performed by Beth A. Richardson (Copyright © 2009 by Beth A. Richardson) expresses our longing to love like God. It brings together the themes of the four weeks of Advent.

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