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Catholic Social Teaching Quotes on Refugees

Find out about Catholic Social Teaching on refugees, asylum seekers, displaced persons, and other people on the move. These quotes come from the Popes, and from individual Bishops and Bishops Conferences of the Asia Pacific region.

You can find a general overview of Catholic Social Teaching on refugees and asylum seekers here.

Church without Frontiers

When allowing or not allowing people to cross the frontiers into our countries, or to enter our cultures, communities, or personal lives, do we effectively judge some people to be useless, out of place or disposable? People are not things to be used. Everyone has a place in the human… Read More »Church without Frontiers

Policy Putting Lives at Risk

Bishop Gerard Hanna, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Delegate for Migrant and Refugees, has called for a thorough review of Australia’s refugee and asylum seeker policies. The Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office believes that an independent report into events leading to the brutal death of Reza Barati in immigration detention… Read More »Policy Putting Lives at Risk

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