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Pope Francis

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes from Pope Francis

Learn about the social justice teachings of Pope Francis by reflecting on these quotes. Follow the links for the full text of the documents.

Scandal of Hunger

Are we scandalised by hunger, or do we take it for granted? What are some of the ways in which we can respond? Learn more about One Human Family, Food for All.

God’s Kingdom on Earth

What might the presence of the kingdom, or reign, of God in our world look like? How can we make God’s reign of justice and peace present here and now?

Encounter & Respect

How might we make encounter part of our culture? What are the barriers to meeting one another with respect? Without encounter how can there be real understanding?

Persecution Affects us All

Do I feel it more if people of my own religious convictions or ethnic identity are persecuted? What more can I do to show my solidarity with others who are persecuted because of their religious convictions or ethnic identity?