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Pope Francis

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes from Pope Francis

Learn about the social justice teachings of Pope Francis by reflecting on these quotes. Follow the links for the full text of the documents.

Love & Service

There is a world of difference between being drawn by love to serve others and promote the common good, and being driven by other forces, such as anger. What are the interior movements associated with my social action? It is possible to ‘keep all the rules’ and look like we… Read More »Love & Service


How might we build peace through our words, our hopes and our prayers? What are your hopes for peace?

Build Bridges

In a homily on dialogue, Pope Francis encourages us to make bridges and not to allow walls to arise. Who do you see in your community making bridges between groups rather than building walls? Pope Francis stresses the need for humility if we are to enter into dialogue. Have you… Read More »Build Bridges

Touching Poverty

Are we afraid to touch and be touched by the poverty of others? How might we do more than giving from a distance?

Costly Love

What might real love cost us? How might our Lenten penances help us to feel the pain of the poor and marginalized? Does the transformation of unjust structures require me to let go of a place of privilege?

Be Silent & Listen

The world of communications can be loud, frantic and busy. How do you make choices about who and what you take the time to listen to? What practices help you to be silent and listen to others?

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