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Pope Francis

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes from Pope Francis

Learn about the social justice teachings of Pope Francis by reflecting on these quotes. Follow the links for the full text of the documents.

Plea for Peace

What forms of violence do you find yourself entangled in? What are the weapons that need to be silenced in your life and the context in which you live? How might you ‘declare peace’?

Rejecting the Holy Family

During the Christmas season as we fix our gaze on the Holy Family, we can easily see in them today’s refugees who share the Holy Family’s experience of rejection. During the season of Lent, as we gaze upon the many rejected and exploited migrants and refugees of our world, do… Read More »Rejecting the Holy Family

Love Promotes Equality

Out of love, God broke into human history as a human being – what walls and distances are love calling you, and your community to break down? What Lenten practices might help us to build up equality and love and to eliminate distances between people and between groups in society?

Call to Conversion

Lent is a time to focus on our own conversion. Pope Francis identifies power, luxury and money as common idols in our day. Are they idols in my life? Do I give higher priority to my own comfort than to others’ needs and a fair distribution of wealth? Elsewhere, Pope… Read More »Call to Conversion

Leadership & Subsidiarity

Pope Francis was speaking to the Congregation of Bishops about the qualities they should seek in potential leaders of the local churches but much of what he said applies to other leaders as well. When I am in a position of leadership, do I welcome the tiles that others contribute… Read More »Leadership & Subsidiarity

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