Listen & Break Down Walls

Am I really prepared to listen to those with whom I disagree, or do I think I already know what they will say? Am I open to learning from people who are ‘on the other side’ to me in some way? What are the walls that divide me, and the groups to which I belong, […]

Violence Leads to Violence

How is violence generating violence in your country? Which forms of violence affect you the most directly? Which forms of violence do you think are doing the greatest damage to the peace and wellbeing of the poorest countries of the world, and the most vulnerable people?

Plea for Peace

What forms of violence do you find yourself entangled in? What are the weapons that need to be silenced in your life and the context in which you live? How might you ‘declare peace’?

Rejecting the Holy Family

During the Christmas season as we fix our gaze on the Holy Family, we can easily see in them today’s refugees who share the Holy Family’s experience of rejection. During the season of Lent, as we gaze upon the many rejected and exploited migrants and refugees of our world, do we recognise the Holy Family […]