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Love & Service

"A heart without love is like a deconsecrated church, a building withdrawn from God's service and given over to another use." Pope Francis, Homily, 23 February 2014.

There is a world of difference between being drawn by love to serve others and promote the common good, and being driven by other forces, such as anger. What are the interior movements associated with my social action?

It is possible to ‘keep all the rules’ and look like we are on track while something is seriously wrong. Is my spiritual practice like an empty shell?

Who or what does my heart serve?

2 thoughts on “Love & Service”

  1. I agree about being an observer of our interior movements associated with the social action, even with the very little things of everyday life. It is very difficult , at list for me, to be aware if I am doing social action finally to feel well with myself instead of letting God being God in my life, Without waiting any response, leaving the results in Her hands. I also have to be very careful to don’t feel myself as a “better” human been.

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