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Leadership & Subsidiarity

"No one can have everything in hand, each person must humbly and honestly add their tile to the mosaic that belongs to God." Pope Francis, Address to the Congregation for Bishops, 27 February 2014, n 5. Pope Francis was speaking to the Congregation of Bishops about the qualities they should seek in potential leaders of the local churches but much of what he said applies to other leaders as well.

When I am in a position of leadership, do I welcome the tiles that others contribute to the mosaic? The principle of subsidiarity reminds us that everyone has something to contribute.

Perhaps we are sometimes too preoccupied with leadership and being leaders. Do I have the humility to contribute under the leadership of others? How can I be a good disciple of Jesus if I always wish to lead rather than following?

2 thoughts on “Leadership & Subsidiarity”

  1. Yes. You would hope that the option would be there. But in Brisbane it is not there and there are no indications it is going to get better soon. The tiles of women will remain undisplayed. Our voices are still missing from the decision making process although there appears to be a forum for them. It is a pseudo forum. No notice is taken. Pope Francis needs to remove some of the Vatican representatives (Archbishops and Bishops) sooner rather than later.

    1. A lot more needs to be done to welcome women’s contributions in leadership and decision making throughout the church. Pope Francis’ prayer intention for March is that all cultures respect women’s dignity and rights. That needs to include the cultures of the local churches.

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