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Hope in Naples

"To hope is already to resist evil. To hope is to see the world through the eyes and heart of God." Pope Francis, Homily, Naples, 21 March 2015.Pope Francis urged the people of Naples not to lose hope or to allow their hope to be stolen from them. In the face of corruption and organised crime, he saw hope as a way of resisting evil. When we gaze upon the world through God’s eyes, with God’s heart, we see goodness and potential, and the possibility of mercy, forgiveness and change. To simply accept structures of sin as ‘the way things are’ is to sin against hope. It is a failure to grasp that redemption is offered to everyone.

Homily on Hope

Read Pope Francis’ homily in Naples 21 March 2015.

Reflect on Hope

How does the hope of the resurrection sustain your action against structures that facilitate evil and enable it to continue in the world?

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