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Call to Conversion

"When power, luxury and money become idols they take priority over the need for a fair distribution of wealth. Our consciences thus need to be converted to justice, equality, simplicity and sharing." Pope Francis, Message for Lent, 2014. Lent is a time to focus on our own conversion. Pope Francis identifies power, luxury and money as common idols in our day. Are they idols in my life? Do I give higher priority to my own comfort than to others’ needs and a fair distribution of wealth? Elsewhere, Pope Francis has said that true power in the Church is service. Do I use my power to serve others or has the desire for power become an idol for me? Is money a means of sharing for me or does it play some other role in my life?

During Lent we seek to move from a desire for power to a desire for justice and equality, from seeking luxury to seeking simplicity, from a concern with money to a concern for sharing. Our consciences need ongoing formation to orient our action to the reign of God.

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