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Plea for Peace

"I beg you, silence the weapons, put an end to the violence!  No more war! No more destruction!" Pope Francis, General Audience, 9 April 2014. What forms of violence do you find yourself entangled in? What are the weapons that need to be silenced in your life and the context in which you live? How might you ‘declare peace’?

2 thoughts on “Plea for Peace”

  1. Thanks Carmel.

    You are right to identify sexism as a form of violence. And for so many women the violence is compounded by the intersection with other ‘isms’.

    It is a struggle – for me anyway – to respond non violently to violence, to try to find loving and transformative ways of responding to attacks when I just feel angry.

    Thank you for your commitment to active peacemaking.

  2. Each day it is a challenge to not engage in mental and physical violence against myself, as women are targeted in the media, the advertisements on TV and in the print media.

    It comes about as I hear and see “what is wrong with women” and it starts with how women look, the difference from men (which is portrayed as negative), what women have to be like in this culture, and witnessing how they are demeaned in public life.

    In Australia this has recently been orchestrated in the Federal Parliament by a group of men who received a Catholic education. It is really difficult to not take this negativity onboard and respond as negatively as those waging war against women.

    It is with deliberate will that an effort is made to support women who are in the “firing” line. I read texts from Spiritual and religious sources and I try to respond to those who are doing something about fostering conversations in the broad context of peacemaking. In family settings an effort is made to soothe tensions and provide great food.

    Being of service allows a personal imput in several areas where other women are doing it tough. Not puting others down even when they are engaging in actively annoying behaviour is a an avenue still being worked on. Peacemaking isn’t easy and some nights, when reviewing the day, there is a need for a lot of “soul searching” and a seeking of forgiveness.

    It is an important task and this internet site gives an opportunity to focus on sharing other points of view in life and seek ways of responding with kindness.

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