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Listen & Respond

"Our task as a nation is to have the humility to  listen and respond to the most vulnerable, for they show us what needs to change in our society." Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Social Justice Statement 2012-2013.

Who are the most vulnerable in your society? Do they have a voice in public policy discussions? How does your faith community go about listening to them?

1 thought on “Listen & Respond”

  1. Pressure on parents, especially single income families and fractured familes, to give their children a “catholic education” is affected by Board members of the Schools who’re out of touch with what is happpening in the society. This is evidenced by the dramatic increase of fees without consultation with the parents, the incredible increase of people whose employment has been terminated and are needing assistance from groups like the SVdP, and the very hostile pathway in place in schools that suggests that the families can apply for fee relief.
    The people at the top arte not listening, reading the signs of the times or allowing the voices of the poor to be heard and listed to.

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