Protect Rights of Religious Minorities

"We need to protect the rights of the minority and the voiceless. We need to engage and to dialogue with the ignorant and bring about understanding." Archbishop Julian Leow, President, Catholic Bishops Conference, Malaysia, 27 January 2015.Archbishop Julian Leow, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia calls for respect for the rights of religious minorities. A a Catholic newspaper has lost a legal appeal to continue to use the Bahasa language word for God, which the majority of Malaysian Catholics have done for centuries. None the less, Archbishop Leow says the ruling does not extend to “a prohibition in our holy scripture, the Alkitab as well as in our praise and worship during our celebration of the holy mass and prayer sessions”. Read more here.

  • Do we stand up for minorities and the voiceless when we are part of the majority?
  • When we are part of a minority, how do we create dialogue and understanding?
  • In what ways are the demands of solidarity different in each position?

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