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Ruth & Naomi – Women on the Move

This presentation on Ruth & Naomi is intended to help you to pray over the story of Ruth and Naomi, and to find God at work among vulnerable women migrants today.

A Valentine’s Day Prayer

Teach us a big-hearted love, That embraces the pushed aside and powerless, The exploited and those in need. A love that dares to speak truth to power, For their sake. Help us to enlarge the tents of our hearts, To share all that we are and have, To give freely… Read More »A Valentine’s Day Prayer

Pilgrim Prayer

We thank you God for the gifts of memory, understanding and will. May the memory of the righteous ones who have trod this path before us encourage us to act for the justice of your Reign. May the contemplation of people and places desecrated by sin bring us to understanding.… Read More »Pilgrim Prayer