What are You Passionate About?

This video from the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the USA and Mexico encourages us to reflect on what we are passionate about. What keeps you fired up to work for justice and peace? An excellent resource for prayer or as a discussion starter.

Easter – He is Risen!

Where do we see Jesus alive and actively labouring for us in the world? How can we join him there? Do we recognise him in the sharing of that which sustains life and love and relationship?

Good Friday

Where do we see Jesus crucified today? Do we see Jesus in the crucified peoples of our day? What have we done for them? What are we doing about their plight? What must we do?

Valentine’s Day: Beyond Romance

What does Catholic Social Teaching Have to Do with Valentine’s Day? St Valentine’s action was not just romantic, it was about holding up love in the structures of society. Read my reflection, to find out more. 5 Actions for Social Justice to Share the Love Consider these action ideas to share the love, whether...