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Intercessions for the Season of Creation

Laudato Si' Week quote "Everything is interconnected, and this invites us to develop a spirituality of that global solidarity which flows from the mystery of the Trinity." n 240

Pope Francis encourages Catholics to join in celebrating the Season of Creation throughout the Sundays of September until 4 October – the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Find out more about the history of the Season of Creation here.

Although it is not a liturgical season, we can celebrate the Season of Creation within our liturgies in a number of ways. For example, we can include current ecological concerns in our prayers of intercession.

Here are some examples that you can adapt for your own community. For example, I hope that my parish will pray for the little penguins that live in our area.

Week One: 1 September

For political leaders, that they may act to protect the web of life on the planet.

For local communities in cities and regions, that all may understand their place in creation and their impact on the web of life.

For our parish community, that we may nurture the human and ecosystem ecology of our common home.

Week Two: 8 September

For our political leaders, that they may care for the poor and the earth by planning wisely for a just energy transition away from fossil fuels.

For communities that are currently reliant on fossil fuels for energy and employment, that they may see the development of sustainable energy sources and jobs for the future of their children.

For our parish community, that we may understand and take to heart Pope Francis’ call for a just energy transition to a low carbon future.

Week Three: 15 September

For our world and all it’s endangered species, that we may learn to respect and protect all of God’s creatures.

For our Nation’s leaders, that they may act to protect the unique creatures of our country.

For our parish community, that we may appreciate and protect the plants and animals native to this area, and listen attentively to what they teach us about our Creator.

Week Four: 22 September

For our thirsty world, that we may care for and share access to clean water which is God’s gift to all.

For our political leaders, that they may ensure the protection of our common heritage of the great artisan basin for the good of all.

For communities affected by drought, that they may receive the rain that they need and the assistance of others to see them through.

Week Five: 29 September

We pray for the church leaders in our country, that they may help us to live more deeply an integral ecology.

We pray for political, corporate and community leaders, that they may they foster the global common good keeping in mind the good of future generations.

We pray for all those displaced by climate change, that they may find welcome and assistance to make a new home.

We pray for our local community, that we may rise above self-interest to protect our common home for generations to come.

Week Six: 4 October, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi

We pray for Pope Francis, that he may continue to inspire us to care for God’s creation.

We pray for the leaders of Pacific island nations threatened by rising sea levels, that they may find ways of providing a secure future for their people.

We pray for those whose traditional livelihoods are threatened by changing weather patterns, that they may find assistance in transitioning to new ways of living and working.

We pray for First Nations peoples, that their relationship with their traditional lands and waters be respected, and that their wisdom may guide us all in forming right relationships with creation.

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