"Development cannot be limited to mere economic growth" Paul VI, Populorum Progressio, n 14.

Populorum Progressio 50 Years On

Populorum Progressio turns fifty!

Fifty years after Blessed Paul VI issued Populorum Progressio, Pope Francis has created a Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. As our introduction to Populorum Progressio explains, it was this encyclical that first introduced the language of integral human development into Catholic Social Teaching. Pope Francis’ action shows that this major concern of Populorum Progressio remains a key priority for him today.

As Michael Costigan writes in La Croix

Populorum Progressio gave a notable impetus to the Catholic Church’s participation in the effort to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty and discrimination in the world. Its message retains its relevance today where aspirations for global justice are still so far from being realized.

Revisit Populorum Progressio

Populorum Progressio is one of the most important modern Catholic Social Teaching documents. In fact, Benedict XVI says that it is as important as Rerum Novarum! If you haven’t read Populorum Progressio lately – or at all – you might be surprised just how relevant it is to our day. You can find the full text here.

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