Catholic Social Teaching Documents

Catholic Social Teaching is not just a collection of documents, but the social justice tradition is often communicated through Catholic Social Teaching documents from Popes, and from local Bishops. These are the major international Catholic Social Teaching documents. To find Catholic Social Teaching documents by local Bishops, use the search function, or look under the Asia Pacific Teachings category. Click here for tips on how to make sense of these documents. To find quotes from the Catholic Social Teaching documents, or commentary on them, enter the document name in search engine. List of Major International Catholic Social Teaching Documents Laudato Si’ (On the Care of Our Common Home), Francis, 2015. Introduction Full Text Resources Laudato Si’ Week 2016 Evangelii Gaudium (On the Proclamation of the Gospel in Today’s World), Francis, 2013. Introduction Full Text Resources Caritas in Veritate (Integral Human Development in Love and Truth), Benedict XVI, 2009. Introduction Full Text Resources Centesimus Annus (The One Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum), John Paul II, 1991. Introduction Full Text Sollicitudo rei Socialis (On Social Concerns), John Paul II, 1987. Introduction Full Text Laborem Exercens (On Human Labour), John Paul II, 1981. Introduction Full Text Evangelii Nuntiandi (Evangelization in the Modern World), Paul VI, 1975. Introduction Full Text Justice in the World, Synod of Bishops, 1971. Introduction Full Text Octogesima Adveniens, (A Call to Action) Paul VI,1971. Introduction Full Text Populorum Progressio, (On the Development of Peoples) Paul VI, 1967. Introduction Full Text Gaudium et Spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), Vatican II,1965. Introduction Full Text Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth), John XXIII, 1963. Introduction Full Text Mater et Magistra (Christianity and Social Progress) John XXIII, 1961. Introduction Full Text Quadragesimo Anno (After Forty Years), Pius XI,1931. Introduction Full Text Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of the Working Classes), Leo XIII, 1891. Introduction Full Text