The Holy Family in Exile – Icon of Refugees

This is a reflection that I wrote for the Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office’s kit for Migrant & Refugee Sunday. You can download the whole kit here. The Holy Family in Exile If you were asked to paint an icon of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, how would you depict them in a symbol or image? The dominant images in the media have been of boats rather than people. When we have glimpsed the people in the boats, we have largely seen men on their own, not whole families. Our faith sources suggest quite a different icon or symbol.

100th World Migrant & Refugee Day

In 2014 we celebrate the 100th World Migrant and Refugee Day. The Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office has prepared a kit to help communities and individuals to celebrate Migrant & Refugee Sunday. The theme is The Holy Family in Exile, and it contains Pope Francis’ Message for the day, a pastoral letter from Bishop Gerard Hanna, statistics, reflections (including one by Sandie Cornish), prayers – and a board game! You can download the kit and associate resources in various formats here.

Resources on Evangelii Gaudium

Looking for Evangelii Gaudium resources? Here are two Evangelii Gaudium resources to help you unpack the Apostolic Exhortation. The Francis Effect: the Joy of Living the Gospel Catholic Mission Australia worked together with Catholic Religious Australia to produce this ebook. It contains twelve short essays exploring key themes of Evangelii Gaudium. One is by Sandie Cornish. She examines how the social dimension of evangelisation is treated in Evangelii Gaudium. You can view the ebook online here. Mission & Justice in Evangelii Gaudium This prezi by Sandie Cornish explores how Evangelii Gaudium explains the links between mission and social justice. The presentation makes extensive use of illustrative quotes which gives the viewer the flavour of a long document in a short presentation. View the presentation here if your browser is not compatible with the viewer below.