Making Migration Secure

"Despite the large influx of migrants present in all continents and in almost all countries, migration is still seen as an emergency, or as a circumstantial fact, while instead it has now become a hallmark of our society and a challenge .. (that) demands the attention of the entire international community so that new forms of legal and secure migration may be adopted." Pope Francis, Message to the Mexico/Holy See Colloquium on Migration & Development, 14 July 2014.Pope Francis has appealed to the whole international community to develop new legal and secure forms of migration. He rejects the view that the large movements of people today are circumstantial or due to isolated emergencies and argues that migration is a sign of the times. He made a special appeal for the unaccompanied child migrants entering the USA from Central America and Mexico to be welcomed and protected.

His Message to the Participants in the Mexico/Holy See Colloquium on Migration & Development can be read here.

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