Philippines Bishops: Idolatry of Money

"If in the pursuit of private interest, money has taken over life, has co-opted substantial time in our loving and space in out thinking, is more demanding than family, more consoling than friends, determines what is right and what is wrong, is able in importance to push God into a corner, if not into oblivion ... money has become an idol" Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, "To Bring Good Tidings to the Poor", 27 January 2014. The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines reflect on the joy of the Gospel and the Church of the poor in their pastoral exhortation To Bring Glad Tidings to the Poor. What role does money play in your life? Does it take up more time than love, more space than thinking? Does money make more demands on you than your family? Do you find it more consoling than friends? How do you feel about the answers?

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