1. Sandy
    Thanks for the Link to the Church pamphlet on asylum and refugees. It has come a liile late in the process but may be a help. It comes about in an age when there was little interest in Church Leadership to react to “the signs of the times”.
    The issue is one that a group of Jesuit trained men in Australia have used their education and political cunning to develop and run a campaign of fear which Australians have reacted to. What they have achieved politically is now happening in other Nations (UK & USA to name a couple).
    It isn’t going to change soon either as it is a vote winner. Also the messages from the Popes carry little weight in the Community and are ignored. A recent one that comes to mind is the one relating to the War in Iraq.
    What to do at this time is a real dilemma. We see in our own country Clergy and Religious who are far out of touch with those they are supposedly serving. The Royal Commission has really put them in the spotlight and they are very “spotty” indeed.
    As an aside there has never been one word about this in the local parish from the pulpit but the Newsletter had a notice of when a recent March in support of Asylum Seekers was to take place. Is that indifference?
    However what there has been is a concentrated campaign to raise the amount of money in the collections and to put up the school fees. Guess that’s where the action is as far as the Church Leaders in this past of the world are concerned.
    Praying for a change seems so pointless on occasions like this, but will still do it for those scared women and children in the detention centres at least.

    1. The policies of the major political parties in this area are depressingly hard hearted, and public opinion seems to be behind them.

      The Bishops and the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office have spoken out consistently on these issues – you can find their media releases and submissions on their websites – but very little of this is heard in many parishes. That’s why this leaflet for parishes has been produced.

      I am heartened by the many faith based groups and religious institutes providing direct assistance and friendship, working to raise awareness, and lobbying for change. And praying, always praying.

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