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Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching Documents

Because these Catholic social teaching documents are part of an evolving body of teaching, it is important to understand them in context. We offer brief introductions by Sandie Cornish to all the major international social encyclicals as well as links to the full text. We also provide commentaries and resource materials on the encyclicals.

Find Local Teachings

Local Bishops teach on social justice issues as well as the Pope. We invite you to discover the social teachings of Catholic Bishops from Asia and the Pacific. To help you find what you are looking for, there are sub-categories for different regions and specific countries. There is also a subcategory for teaching from the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences, known as the FABC.

Sources, Themes & Principles

Read commentary on the sources, themes and principles of Catholic Social Teaching by Sandie Cornish.

Catholic Social Teaching Quotes

You can find inspirational quotes from the international and Asia Pacific teaching documents here. This is a great way to introduce key ideas from the teachings and stimulate reflection.

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