Call for Peace

"We strongly urge the parties to return to meaningful political talks under the supervision of the international community ... ending this war with dignity is a must for the future of all people living in Kachin and Shan areas and all the people of Myanmar." Bishops Raymond Sumlut Gam, Francis Daw Tang and Philip Zahawng, Myanmar, 15 August 2014.The Catholic Bishops of the Kachin and Shan states in Myanmar have called all parties to the conflict there to resume talks for peace. Read more here.

The principle of subsidiarity suggests that matters should be dealt with as close as possible to the grassroots and that more overarching bodies should only get involved where this is necessary to harmonise conflicting interests for the sake of the common good. Do you think the Bishops are right in suggesting that the supervision of the international community will help in this case? How might conflicts be ended ‘with dignity’?

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