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A Church of the Poor

"The idea of a church of the poor is a theological point of view.  It is turning its centre of gravity towards the poor, to be in solidarity with the poor.  It is really difficult ... to be facing the poor rather than facing stability, progress, that sort of thing.  When you face the poor, you have to ready for insecurity because being with the poor makes you poor." Cardinal Orlando Quevedo, Press Conference, 21 February 2014.
Cardinal Quevedo acknowledges that it is often difficult for people, and whole institutions, to shift their centre of gravity towards the poor. Does fear of insecurity stop me from doing this? What else might stop me? When I am in solidarity with the poor, do I sense a closeness to Jesus, who chose to be poor?

In our management and risk assessment, Church organisations consider many factors such as sustainability, but perhaps we don’t always pay adequate attention to the risk of being off mission, of not following Jesus closely. How might our institutions shift their centre of gravity towards the poor to give more faithful witness?

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