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Asia Pacific Teachings

Asia Pacific Teachings on Social Justice

The Bishops of the Asia Pacific region share responsibility for teaching about social justice issues with the Pope. They make a unique contribution to Catholic Social Teaching but their teachings are not generally as well known as those of the Pope or the Bishops of major English speaking countries. Here you can find Asia Pacific teachings by individual Bishops, Bishops Conferences from the Asia Pacific region, and from the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC).

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There are sub-categories for the FABC, East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. These are then broken down further into countries.

Text, Commentary, Quotes

The posts have links to the full text of the teachings. Many include some discussion or commentary. We also offer CST reflection quotes with questions for reflection and discussion.

Holy Thursday

How can we wash the feet of those who have no feet? This statue is at the Jesuit Refugee Service reflection centre in Siem Reip in Cambodia. Many Cambodians lost limbs to land mines during the war, and unexploded cluster bombs are still harming ordinary people. If we wish to… Read More »Holy Thursday