Australian Bishop Mourns Asylum Seeker Death

Bishop Gerard Hanna, the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Delegate for Migrants and Refugees expressed deep sadness at the death of an asylum seeker detained on Manus Island. A riot at the Australian funded offshore detention facility left dozens of other asylum seekers injured. The Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office called on the Australian government to […]

Solidarity with Dalits

Who are the outcast and oppressed in your community? Are they fully included in the life and leadership of the church? What other forms of discrimination might we need to eliminate from the life of the church? Read the full Final Statement of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India Plenary Assembly XXXI, 13 February 2014 […]

Competitive Culture

In what ways might a culture encourage us to feel that the successes of others somehow deprive us of good things? Are we caught up in a zero sum attitude of winning or losing? Do we define ourselves as winners or losers?