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Australian Bishop Mourns Asylum Seeker Death

"Persecution of marginalised groups is the underlying reason the world has so many displaced people.  It is essential that nations uphold the rule of law and respect fundamental human rights such as the right to seek asylum'" Bishop Gerard Hanna, Media Release 19 February 2014.
Bishop Gerard Hanna, the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Delegate for Migrants and Refugees expressed deep sadness at the death of an asylum seeker detained on Manus Island. A riot at the Australian funded offshore detention facility left dozens of other asylum seekers injured.

The Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office called on the Australian government to ensure each person’s claim for protection is considered under Australian Law by competent independent authorities, with appropriate legal assistance and access to an independent judiciary such as the Refugee Review Tribunal.

Read the media release here.

How might we move people’s hearts to welcome, rather than seeking to deter, those who seek asylum? What causes us to reject and to marginalize some groups of people?

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